AQUASYS Ltd. Company in the last few years, mainly thanks to the variety equipment inventory and professionalism of its employees, is continuing to gain ground in road construction.

Penetration into this challenging field of construction in today's difficult economic situation is a result of competent management approach in implementing latest technologies and investments into technical support, and skills of their employees. Since the beginning of its activities on the construction market, the company puts stress on top quality of finished projects and on high competitiveness using latest machinery and technological equipment. To be one step ahead of our competitors, which is our main goal, we always use technologies which are not today's standard, even in more demanding constructions.

Example is "Topcon 3D GPS + "system intended to control height and angle of dozer construction machinery in the field using the GPS satellite navigation technology. Topcon uses signal from the U.S. GPS satellites, as well as signals from the Russian GLONASS satellites, to achieve very accurate results (to + / - 5 mm in the horizontal direction and + / - 15 mm in the vertical direction) and allowing work 24 hours a day. The advantages of using the most advanced levelling systems enable us to carry out even the most demanding road construction with the utmost precision and high productivity.Dopravní stavby

AQUASYS LTD. Company focuses on construction and reconstruction of highways and roads of all types, construction of bicycle paths, paved areas, parking lots or sidewalks. Among the completed projects there are construction and reconstruction of bridges. We also have experience in remediation of collapsed slopes. The operation region of the company is gradually extending to the whole territory of our republic.
High quality equipment and long experience in the field, guarantee our business partners quality and mutually beneficial cooperation. Our goal is to become partners for both customers and employees as a symbol of professionalism, quality and security.

We provide :

  • Construction of roads of all types
  • Construction of sidewalks and paved surfaces
  • Construction of cycle paths
  • Complete reconstruction of roads, including drainage
  • Implementation of the structural layers using GPS navigation
  • Renovation and construction of bridges
  • Rehabilitation of slopes

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